Recent News & Updates

  • PNAS 2016
    Check out the press links about squishy cockroaches and CRAM. CIBER. Berkeley News. Science. NY Times. The Atlantic. Wired. Nat Geo. Discovery. CNET. And more.
    Confined Space Locomotion project page is here
  • PNAS 2016
    My Confined locomotion research just got published in PNAS
    Cockroaches traverse crevices, crawl rapidly in confined spaces, and inspire a soft, legged robot. Kaushik Jayaram, Robert J. Full, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2016) PDF
  • SICB 2016
    Check out my talk on Cockroaches squeezing through crevices and poster on Cockroach-inspired self-righting robots at Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting, Portland, OR
    66.3 Tuesday, January 5 @ 14:00 pm. Cockroaches squeezing through crevices. JAYARAM, K* & FULL, R.J. Abstract
    P3-108 Wednesday, January 6 @ 15:30 pm. Cockroach-inspired self-righting robots. LI, C*, TIAN, R, PORTER, W, HAMMOND, Z, STRACHAN-OLSON, D, KOOKER, A.W., OLIVAS, J, KESSENS, C.C., JAYARAM, K, FEARING, R.S. & FULL, R.J. Abstract
  • Sept 2015
    Just moved to Cambridge, MA to start my post-doctoral research at Harvard
  • Aug 2015
    Submitted my dissertation. Graduated! It's been a long, wonderful journey at Berkeley.
  • IROS 2015
    Presenting a poster on Cockroach-inspired Compressible Robot prototype at IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Seattle, WA
    Tuesday, May 26 @ 5:00 pm. Compressibility enables cockroach-inspired robot to crawl rapidly in confined spaces JAYARAM, K* & FULL, R.J. Abstract